Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I've been tagged!!

Ok, so I've been tagged by Chelley from my cooking board...her blog is sugar and spice...great one! So, this means I need to tell you 8 fun facts about myself and then tag 8 more people!

1). I am a HUGE Cincinnati Bengals fan. Two of my three pets are named after players. My favorite player is TJ Houshmandzadeh...my dog's name is Housh. I once stood in line for 4 1/2 hours for TJ's autograph. I also like Chad Johnson...my cat's name is CJ.
2.) Number one brings this fun fact...I love lions. I collect things with lions. I don't know how this started. My other cats name is Leon, becuase it means lion in some other language I forget :)
3.) I have a BA in advertising/public relations and then went back to school and got an associate's degree in American Sign Language just becuase I wanted to learn.
4.) I don't sleep at the top of the bed...I sleep about 1/2 way down. This originated from my heated matress pad...the bigger coils are at the bottom of the pad to keep your feet warm...I always snuggled up over those :)
5.) I am a reality tv show junkie. My all time favorite is of course, Survivor.
6.) I love watching UFC. My fiance got me started becuase he was friends with Rich Franklin in high school. I love Rich Franklin and Tito Ortiz!!!
7.) I LOVE Mexican food. I would eat Mexican food every single day and never get sick of it. I especially like their margaritas!
8.) Last fun fact....I'm getting married in November!! I am extremely busy with all that planning, but am looking forward to it!


Michelle said...

I officially rescind my tag upon learning that you are a Bengals fan ;-)


Michelle said...

Haha we'll have fun here during football season ;-)

Ms.DaFarm said...

FYI I used (well, sort of...) one of your recipes and then posted about it on my blog. Thanks for the idea, I now have a new recipe in the dinner repertiore!

Jigginjessica said...